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Formulation And Drug Product Development For Biologics

BIB has expertise in helping clients tailor appropriate drug product presentations and dosage forms for the current stage of development. This can include simple frozen or lyophilized DP for early phase clinical trials, to high-concentration liquid biologics formulations for later phases, and finally to complex combination devices for eventual commercial DP. We work with you to realize your stage-appropriate Target Product Profile (TPP).
CGMP DP Manufacturing And QC Services For Biologics
BIB has world-class DP manufacturing facilities for recombinant proteins, antibodies, and peptides. Our fill/finish capabilities include vial and syringe filling, and lyophilization of filled vials.
Operation time Operating 2023 Q3 Liquid vial 90,000 pcs/hr
BIB can conduct formal QC ICH condition stability studies to generate data for DP release and for assigning shelf-life.

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