A New Dawn Of Innovation

BIB aims to wrap up ramp up biologics manufacturing in half the time for half the cost to serve growing biotech startups with its revolutionary new biologics manufacturing system PanFlex®.

Pan” means meeting all kinds of requirements clients may have, and “Flex” stands for flexible, referring to BIB’s capability to allow clients to switch production scales or processes for different products. Unlike the conventional method, the PanFlex-Engineering system adopts a different approach. Producing drug, protein, or antibody products requires different processes, which we divide into different unit operations. These unit operations will act as elements and will be put together based on the clients’ needs.

These elements are called layer-one structures. When put together, they form the layer-two structures as processes, then become layer-three when put in 3D locations. This makes for a bottom-up approach for building up a facility– unit operations growing into processes, then into buildings, and finally a factory – different from the conventional approach that first builds a building and then different rooms.

By building facilities this way, we will eventually increase facility usage, therefore reducing the cost. We already have several processes, and we will have five or six different unit operations as base elements. Those will be built simultaneously before we combine them. So overall, the time will be cut down by half.

With its PanFlex® technology that enables affordable and efficient manufacturing, BIB aims to give our clients a hand with flexible planning. To know more about how PanFlex® can help you with your biologics manufacturing requirements contact us at

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