Ultra-Large Scale Biomanufacturing Empowered by Efficient Technology Transfer and PanFlex® System


Challenges on time and cost effective biologic manufacturing persist within biomanufacturing despite collaborative efforts by industry, academia, and government. Driven by biologics technological innovation and socio-economic development, Biologics manufacturing has undergone three waves of evolvement since the 1980’s, which differentiate themselves by their technology platform, facility capacity scale, and mode of production. With increasing global market and demand for protein-based drugs, the capacity shortages in biologics manufacturing have become prominent, and large-scale commercial production through external CDMOs is progressively becoming an industry trend (aka the 4th wave of biologics manufacturing). BIB, a global CDMO featuring 30,000- liter ultra-large bioreactor production platform, is uniquely prepared to transform the biologics manufacturing market. Empowered by its unique flexible integrated PanFlex® system including facility/equipment design and technology transfer, we are currently building the next generation Mega-factory with a total planned capacity of over 1.2 million liters at half-time and half-cost. Leading the 4th wave of ultra-large 30,000L scale biomanufacturing, BIB will shape the future of biologics manufacturing for the benefit of patients worldwide.

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