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Downstream Process Development

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Position Summary:

A Scientist II at BIB is a highly motivated individual that works independently or works as the supervisor/project lead or work with more senior scientists for one or more relevant projects, and mentors the involved junior scientists. The Scientist II at BIB is among the core members that significantly contribute to the operation of BIB and to defining the direction of growth of BIB.


  1. Provide technical expertise and leadership in planning, designing, and conducting experiments, analyzing data, and documenting results towards development and optimization downstream processes and/or achieving goals for cross functional development teams
  2. Provide technical expertise and leadership in the technologically innovative efforts of the relevant project teams
  3. Operate and supervise the downstream bioprocess related equipment to carry out the relevant projects
  4. Troubleshoot equipment and processes
  5. Analyze and interpret experimental data and present/document experimental results at meetings
  6. Provide reports and prepare scientific presentations as needed
  7. Write/revise batch records and technical reports
  8. Order the needed materials and supplies for the relevant projects
  9. Effectively communicate with/report to the involved more senior scientists on the experimental status and results of the relevant projects
  10. Maintain awareness of relevant scientific literature and new technologies. Participate in/lead the evaluations of new technologies and their potential applications and business impacts. Maintain substantial knowledge of state-of-the art principles and theories and contribute knowledge base through literature review, conferences attendance and publication
  11. Participate in project management
  12. Ensure and promote safe environmental and laboratory practices


  1. Ph.D./MS/BS degrees in biology, biochemistry, biomedical/biochemical engineering, or related fields
  2. Ph.D. with ≥2 year or MS with ≥5 years or BS with ≥7 years of experience in downstream bioprocess related process development, scale-up and tech transfer to cGMP manufacturing facility in biotechnology, pharmaceutical or related environment
  3. Strong experience in primary recovery, chromatography, ultrafiltration/diafiltration, viral filtration/inactivation, and formulation for biologics drug substances development,
  4. Strong hands on experience with AKTA purification systems (purifier, explorer, Pilot AKTA) is required, ability for AKTA equipment trouble shooting is highly preferred.
  5. Experience with ion exchange, hydrophobic, mixed mode and affinity chromatography with AKTA purification systems.
  6. Strong experience in TFF process and filtration development
  7. Experience in design-of-experiment and good ability to analyze and interpret data collected
  8. Knowledge/experience of cGMP working environment
  9. Strong technical, organizational, and communication skills, as well as good ability to develop creative solutions to challenging problems
  10. Strong teamwork/collaboration spirits and good ability to communicate appropriately and effectively
  11. Client focused, results oriented, and science and innovation driven with good financial awareness.
  12. Advanced written skills
  13. Attention to detail, and the ability to multitask
  14. Proficient with the use of MS Office software (MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint) and statistical DOE software including JMP, Minitab, Design Expert etc.
  15. Flexible and results oriented
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