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Advance Your Ventures with Specialized Feasibility Studies!

Here at BIB we’re excited to offer our specialized feasibility study program, designed to support your biopharmaceutical projects from concept to completion.

Feasibility studies are pivotal in identifying the most streamlined and impactful approaches for your biotech projects, ensuring both risk mitigation and the maximization of outcomes. Leveraging our team’s deep expertise and advanced technologies, we deliver precise and timely feasibility assessments in key development areas.

·      Cell Line Development: Engineering cell lines for therapeutic entities.
·      Protein Expression: Refining recombinant protein synthesis
·      Purification Process Dev: Enhancing purity and functionality
·      Antibody Protein Process Dev: Optimizing mAb biosynthesis.
·      Analytical Development: Rigid characterization and quality assurance.

Our commitment lies in propelling the biotech field forward by surpassing partner expectations with scientifically rigorous solutions. If you are interested in starting a feasibility study related to any of the key areas above –please email our sales team here: or fill out the form below!

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