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Your Biologic and Gene Therapy Partner

Boston Institute of Biotechnology, LLC

Cell Line & Strain Development

Microbial Strain and Mammalian Cell Line Development

Gene Therapy

Gene Editing, Vector Services, Analytical Development and More...

Process Development

Upstream, Downstream, Analytical Development and TOX Material Supply

Analytical Development

Analytical Development, and more much

Formulation and Drug Product Development

Bioassay Development, Lyophilization, and more

Process Characterization

Learn more about our PC services

cGMP Production

Microbial: 50L - 30,000L
Mammalian: 200L - 30,000L

Pan-Flex Facility

Learn more about our Blue Whale program

Exciting News: World’s first Ultra-large Bioreactor

We have the world’s first ultra large bioreactor with a 30K working volume capacity, and over 40K total volume! This bioreactor is part of a new generation of systems that are developed to help significantly decrease cost and increase speed to market, transforming your molecules into medicines that help patients in need!

We have just completed our large-scale CDMO base for biologics with a total capacity of over 200,000L. The project has a total construction area of 123,700 square meters, including the worlds largest 30,000L mammalian cell production line.

Expert CDMO Services from Lab to cGMP

  • From Preclinical to cGMP Production- As a fast-growing CDMO, our world-class experts provide full spectrum CMC services for biologics and gene therapy
  • Microbial and Mammalian platforms- Wide coverage for different services: cell line development, process development and characterization, non-cGMP production,  and cGMP manufacturing
  • Full-Scale Capacity- From micro bioreactor to large scale cGMP bioreactor (30,000L), we have the full capability to serve your R&D and clinical needs
  • Timely, High Quality & Competitive Price- BIB is a US-based, global company. With extensive experience, we can deliver high-quality results and shorten the timeline by 20% – 50%

Our Mission

To provide patients with high-quality, affordable biological medicines with our trusted and faithful partners.

We provide full spectrum CMC services

Projects Completed

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted CDMO partners. Read more below why customers keep coming back over and over again.

Years of Experience

Decades of working experience in world-leading CDMOs make our team one of the  best choices for your CMC needs

Don't wait, innovate

Let's change the world together